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5 Diocesan Priorities for Mission and Ministry

From Bishop Shannon's 2011 Council Address

"I am convinced that the means to embrace proportionate giving and thus to answer the challenges posed by inadequate funding for our congregations and for the Diocese is in your commitment to our five priorities for mission and ministry: (1) Youth and Young Adults; (2) Strengthening Congregations; (3) Evangelism & Proclamation; (4) Multi-cultural and Ethnic ministries; and (5) Mission beyond Ourselves.  These priorities are truly the cornerstone of our common life and ministry.  They are a statement of who we are now and who we want to be. When our households and vestries really catch this vision our congregations will have all that they need while also being able to provide appropriately for our diocese.  I have no doubt that the old adage is true: money follows vision.  It is my fervent hope that these five priorities will be what we all think about whenever we say “the Diocese of Virginia.”  And, these ministries are what we want the public to see going on, so that the term “Episcopal Church” makes people think of the Gospel and the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. "

Certain Diocesan committees can be fit under these headings and provide examples of these concepts:

  Youth and Young Adults
·Committee Campus Ministries
·Committee on Parish Youth Ministries
·Committee on Women in Mission and Ministry

2.  Strengthening Congregations

·Committee on Church Planting
·Committee on Congregational Missions
·Committee on Stewardship
·Committee on Congregational Development
·Committee on Liturgy and Church Music

3 Evangelism & Proclamation
·Committee on the Stewardship of Creation
·Committee on Race Relations
·Committee on Mental Health
·Committee on Parish Nursing
·Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

4. Multi-cultural and Ethnic ministries
·Committee on Human Need
·Committee on Ecumenical and Interfaith Issues


5. Mission beyond Ourselves

·Committee on World Mission
·Committee on South African Partnership