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8 Initiatives of Region 1

Retreat at Belmont, August 21, 2010

1. Explore the possibility of reviving Region 1 dinners.

Plan these events well ahead of time. Find interesting speakers, such as the Bishop. Look for attractive venues, such as Belmont. Consider variations on the dinners, such as a seafood festival in Colonial Beach. These events would offer the opportunity for fellowship, while also raising the profile of Region 1.

2. Increase participation in Region 1 events.

Currently, eight to 12 of Region 1’s 19 churches regularly participate in region meetings and events. Raise that number to 16 or 17 at least. Since there is a wide diversity of churches in the region, look for programs and issues of interest to as many churches as possible.

3. Involve other regions in our meetings and discussions.

The addition of a representative of Region 2 was a real plus to our retreat. Look for other opportunities for such sharing, particularly with Region 14 (the Shenandoah Valley), which, like Region 1, is quite large geographically.

4. Review our budget to see if it matches the Bishop’s priorities for ministry and mission.

Being aligned with the Diocese’s priorities will make our efforts more effective.

5. Stay open to the possibilities for how we can help the Bishop communicate more effectively with those in the Diocese.

This will involve knowing more about the Bishop’s approach to deans and regions. It also will require us to better define the role of a Region 1 delegate—as a liaison between the Diocese and the parish.

6. Determine if we are properly framing our approach to dealing with local issues in the region in a way that reflects a social conscience.

Region 1 has a long history of outreach projects, but do we need to be more systematic in the way we stay on top of key local issues?

7. Explore the possibility of adding new Region 1 youth activities.

Our region already offers financial support for youth activities. Should we consider reviving a Region 1 youth weekend at Shrine Mont?

8. Enhance the Region 1 communications effort.

We already have a useful newsletter, the Harbinger, and a Web site. If we answer the questions and use the tools suggested by Emily Cherry during the retreat, can we make our communications more effective? What is the right combination of Web vs. print? Who is our target audience for each communication outlet? Can we bring onboard a Web master with the ability and time to regularly update our Web site? What are the types of information we can provide that are not already being offered by the Diocese and by parishes?