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Bylaws of Region 1


1.         The Dean is advisor and consultant to the President and shall provide spiritual guidance for all meetings of the Region.

2.         The officers of Region I Council shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The President and Vice President shall be Lay Persons.)

3.         Officers shall be elected for a two-year term of office.  Their terms of office shall run from the end of the Diocesan Council following their election until the end of the Diocesan Council two years later.

4.         There shall be elected a person to serve as a member of the Executive Board of the Diocese.  “Such member shall be elected for a term of three years, and the position shall alternate between Lay and Clerical incumbents.” [Canon 8., Section, 4(d)]

5.         The President shall appoint the Editor of the Harbinger, a Youth Advisor (clergy, a Youth Leader (lay), Chairperson and members of the Mission Committee, and ad hoc committees as deemed necessary.  All appointees shall serve at the pleasure of the President.

6.         The Mission Committee shall consist of the Chairperson and at most five other members, all appointed by the President from nominees volunteered by the Region I churches.  Its membership shall be drawn from all areas of the Region, with no more than two persons from any given area serving at a time.  Members’ terms shall be for no more that three consecutive years, with members appointed on a staggered basis to provide at least two new members per year.  The one exception is the chairperson, whose term shall be at the discretion of the President.

7.         The Council may provide a Headquarters’ Suite at Annual Council.  The Council shall pay expenses to Annual Council of the President, the President-Elect (when such person exists), and the Region’s Member of the Executive Board (when such person is a lay person).

8.         Any resolution, other than courtesy resolutions, intended to be submitted by Region I Council to the Diocesan Council must be submitted to the President of Region I no later than 30 days prior to the November meeting.  The Delegates to Diocesan Council from the Region I churches, meeting in caucus, may also submit resolutions to the Diocesan Council.  These resolutions shall be clearly designated as from the Delegates’ caucus, not from the Region I Council.

9.         There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of the Dean, the officers of the Regional Council, the Region’s Member of the Diocesan Executive Board, the Region I President of the Episcopal Church Women, the Editor of the Harbinger, the Youth Advisor, the Youth Leader, and the Chairperson of the Mission Committee.  The meetings shall be on a regular basis as called by the President.  A meeting may also be called by any two members of the Committee when they deem it necessary after due notice is given to the President and all members.  The Committee shall be responsible for the program of work for the Region and for the budget. The Committee shall be empowered to act upon matters requiring decisions between meetings.

10.     The organization known as Region I, Upper Rappahannock, shall meet on a regular basis at least five times a year.  The times and places of the meetings shall be specified by the Executive Committee.  The annual Dinner of the Region may be specified as one of the meetings.  (It is recommended that one of the meetings be scheduled in September and another in November to provide for the orderly accomplishment of the election and budgetary processes for the following year.)  Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee, by any Bishop, by the Dean, by the president, or at the request of the delegates of any two constituent Churches.

11.     A quorum shall be ten percent of the Regional Council Members.

12.     The period of operation of the region shall by the calendar year.  It is recommended each church’s Vestry or Vestry committee elect its delegate(s) to the Regional Council before the first meeting of the operational year if such election is consistent with the church’s operational year.

13.     A nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers and a candidate for member of the Executive Board at the appropriate September meeting for election at the November meeting.  At the conclusion of the November meeting, those elected will be installed in anticipation of taking office at the conclusion of the following Diocesan Council.

14.     The Executive shall present a proposed budget at the September meeting for discussion and consideration.  The budget shall be approved at the November meeting.  The individual churches of the Region shall make their pledges in support of this budget known to the Treasurer of the Region by December 30.  The approved budget shall take effect on January 1, in accordance with the operational year of the Region.

15.     The Treasurer shall submit the regional financial records for auditing once every two years.

16.     Duties of officers, appointees, and Region’s member of the Executive Board:

The President – Shall preside at all meetings of the Region and of the Executive Committee; shall prepare a report on the work of the Region for inclusion in the Journal of the Annual Diocesan Council and shall present this report at the final Regional meeting of the year; shall appoint all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

The Vice President – In the absence of the President shall preside at all meetings; shall be named by the Nominating Committee for the office of President at the end of their respective terms of office; and shall arrange programs for the regular meetings and the annual dinner of Region I with the approval of the President.

The Secretary – Shall keep an accurate record of all meetings; shall maintain a directory of the membership of the Regional Council; shall conduct the correspondence of the Region, shall be responsible for prompt mailing of minutes of the Regional Council; and shall be responsible for other designated notices.

The Treasures – Shall be custodian of all funds for Region I which shall be deposited in a bank as designated by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee; shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures; shall file the vouchers of all payments; shall send appropriate notices to Parish Treasurers; shall present a report at each meeting of the Region; and shall make available a financial statement to parishes in the Region at the final meeting of the year.

The Editor of the Harbinger – Shall be responsible for soliciting news, announcements and pertinent information for the newsletter; shall be responsible for printing and distributing of same; and shall be responsible for notices of region-wide events to be sent to  The Virginia Episcopalian.

Regional Member of the Diocesan Executive Board – Shall be elected for a term of three years, the position alternating between lay and clerical; shall represent the interests of Region I, tempered by the wider interests of the Diocese as a whole; and shall report on the activities of the Executive Board at the regular Region meetings.

Youth Advisor – Shall be a member of the clergy and work closely with the Youth Leader to design and promote youth programs for Region I.

Youth Leader – Shall be a lay person and work closely with the Youth Advisor to design, promote, and implement youth programs for Region I; shall prepare a budget to be submitted to the Region for approval; shall appoint, with the Youth Advisor, a committee for necessary support.

Chairperson of the Committee on Missions – Shall prepare, with the concurrence of the committee, a budget for expenditure of missions’ money as designated by the Executive Committee.

17.     Any motion of amendment for this document shall be presented in writing at one of the official meetings of the Region I Council (excluding the Annual Dinner).  If the motion is seconded, it shall be voted on at the following meeting of the Council.  A 2/3 majority of those present and voting is required for approval of the amendment.