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St. Asaph's Episcopal

Church: St. Asaph's Episcopal

Joyce Goforth (Pres.)
P.O. Box 1011
Bowling Green, VA 22427
E-mail: mcoleman471@verizon.net
(Mary Frances Coleman, VP)

The ECW at St. Asaph’s continues a long tradition of service to the parish and to the ommunity, and have historically been involved in Diocesan leadership and events.  A recent  Diocesan President of the ECW is a member of St. Asaph’s.  The women meet monthly in the  undercroft to provide needs that nurture local, diocesan, and worldwide communities.  Using  the Mission and Objective Statement from the ECW Diocesan Executive Board, they support  many projects including:  Hope for Humanity, St. Andrews School, Episcopal Relief and  Development, Bishop’s Discretionary Fund, and Jackson Feild home for Girls.  The women  also contribute to the scholarship program for children in the Dominican Republic.  Support  has been given to facilities in Richmond and Fredericksburg for women released from prison.   Each fall and winter, the ECW participates in Bowling Green Harvest and Christmas festivals.   Monies collected from the sale of the church's famous English toffee support ECW’s mission.